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Megatech Industries Aktiengesellschaft
Gewerbeweg 15
9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Phone: +43 1 236 70 38 29

Commercial Register no.: FL-0002.482.867-7
Commercial Court: Industrial Court Vaduz
VAT no.: 59577
Banking connection:
VP Bank
IBAN: LI38 0880 5507 8279 1000 3

Basic purpose of the website: Information on our products and technologies.

Objectives of the company

MEGATECH Industries is a leading international automotive supplier specialized in the development and production of systems, modules, and individual plastic components for the interior and exterior of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Board of Directors

Dr. Dirk Täger (CEO / CRO)
Sascha Dressel (COO)
Jürgen Burger (CFO)