Compliance at MEGATECH

Operating with the highest level of ethics and integrity is a core value that guides how we at MEGATECH interact with our colleagues, customers, regulators, suppliers and other stakeholders to grow, innovate and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Our Code of Conduct provides standards of business conduct that serve as a foundation for our entire Company’s commitment to integrity.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

MEGATECH has a clear position: We refuse to engage in any business that infringes applicable law, internal guidelines or the standards to which MEGATECH subscribes – and this applies to our entire organization worldwide.

Against this backdrop, the integrity and transparency of MEGATECH's business operations is a top priority. To this end, it is necessary for MEGATECH to become aware of any compliance violations, particularly violations of our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.

Reports of potential compliance violations can be made by calling +423 23550-12 or by sending an Emailing to

If you prefer to make a report anonymously, you may use the form below. Reports received will not be tracked and senders will not be automatically registered.

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