At Megatech Industries, sustainability is lived daily and constitutes an exercise in transparency, continuous improvement and fundamental reflection for ourselves and stakeholder.

Our commitment to environmental protection and the challenge of decarbonisation are increasingly present, so we invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, recyclability and the development of new materials that are lighter and more environmentally friendly.

We act with corporate responsibility, so we act actively, ethically and responsibly for the benefit of society and the environment.

Sustainability, competitiveness and innovation are strategic pillars to face future challenges and contribute towards improving social and environmental conditions.

People are the most influential factor in sustainability, believing and valuing human capital ensures sustainability in the future.

Megatech Industries is integrative and inclusive, promoting equal opportunities in various ethical, religious and social aspects.

Megatech is committed to Climate Change Mitigation Policies with special focus on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

All Megatech Industries employees are the fundamental support for the success of the company. The promotion of a safe and balanced environment at physical, social and psychological level is one of the fundamental axes in the management of employees, as well as the creation of decent, non-discriminatory jobs with adequate remuneration, always promoting social equity of human capital.

Aware of the risks related to occupational safety, Megatech Industries promotes a culture of safety among all its - workers and other Stakeholders, ensures a safe and secure working environment, access to quality health conditions and encourages a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

MGT Sustainability Strategy: ESG

  • Environmental

    • Reduction of CO2
    • Sustainable material/products
    • Renewable Energy
    • Waste management (recycling, reduction of hazardous material)
    • Fleet management (hybrids, Electric cars)
    • Biodiversity (Beehives in MGT Plants to enhance and protect bee health)
  • Social

    • Employee workplace safety (Active prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases)
    • Employee attraction, retention, development (for younger generation to enable extensive on-the-job training and cultural integration)
    • Employee health and wellness
    • Employee compensation and benefits (OKR, Flexible part of salary)
    • Labour relations
    • No Human trafficing, Forced Labor
    • Critical Events, Disaster Relief, Pandemic
    • No Harasment of any form – tracking of as general topic Code of Conduct
    • Non-discrimination at all levels
    • Diversity (in the workforce with regard to gender, place of origin, cultural or educational background)
  • Economoic & Governance

    • Ethical Business, Transparency
    • Data Protection, Cybersecurity
    • No Corruption, extortion and bribery
    • Secured against Conflict of interest
    • Product safety
    • Customer satisfaction, Trust and Loyality (car products, visible components in all cars - improvement, customer ranking)
    • Company brand and mission
    • Company‘s Intelectual Property (TISAX audits)
    • Innovation, R&D (anticipate the next trends, remain agile and invest in Innovation